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Club Day

Willow Springs Clubs

Fall 2019


Club Day at Willow Springs is designed for students and teachers to participate in non-academic activities in a fun and engaging way during the school day! WSMS Clubs will occur 3-4 times each semester. Students will sign up for 1 club each semester. 


Registration will be open Friday, September 6th @ 4pm to Monday, September 9th @ 8:00 am. Our first Club Day will be on Friday, September 20th. To register for your Clubs Click Here:

80s and 90s Movie Club  Let’s throw back to the greatest decades ever! The 80s and 90s Movie Club will enjoy some of the best movies of the 80s and 90s. 


BBQ Club  Do you enjoy eating steaks, BBQ brisket and ribs? Are you interested in learning to grill and smoke steaks and BBQ? Students in this club will learn what makes good BBQ great! Club members will possibly attend and/or compete in a BBQ competition. 


Book Club  Love to read and discuss the book with friends? Come join the Book Club and at the first meeting we will decide what exciting book to read! 

Caring for Kids Club This is a community service club for 8th grade students interested in learning about our local homeless communities and how they affect children. Club members will have the opportunity of attending Vogel Alcove the day of our 8th grade community service day of learning. 

Chess Club  If you love Chess or want to learn how to play – JOIN THIS CLUB!  Together we will look for opportunities for more challenging competition and ways to increase your knowledge of the game. 

Coloring Club Did you know that coloring is really relaxing and fun to do while you talk with your friends? Come to the COLORING CLUB - bring your own markers, pencils, or crayons, and we will provide the seasonal or themed coloring pages! 



Drawing Club  Come be part of the drawing club. We will learn to draw and create different characters and objects using a step-by-step approach, or you can choose to have free draw time to be creative. Drawing paper, pencils, colored pencils, and markers will be available for you to use.

EXTREME Club Skateboarders, Roller Bladers, BMX, Dirt and Mountain Bikers will meet and discuss the latest tricks and courses. We will spend time viewing the latest trends in Extreme Sports.  A HELMET IS REQUIRED (You will not be able to participate without one!) AND YOU MUST BRING EQUIPMENT TO PARTICIPATE! 


Fiddle Club Do you like American Fiddle Music, Irish Fiddle Music or Folk tunes?  Come join the Orchestra Fiddle Club to learn about these fun styles!  Bring your violin, viola, cello, bass, or acoustic guitar!  


Fishing Club – The Fishing club is a great opportunity to hang out with other fisherman and even some high school Fishing Club members. Fishing Club students will play casting games, talk about the best bait for different types of fish, look at fishing boats, etc. Sponsored by High School Fishing Club.


Food Tasting Club  Like food? Like trying different cuisines? Bring your favorite food and let the food tasting begin!  

Fortnight Club  Do you play Fortnight? Come join this club to talk about the game and learn new tricks and tips to maximize your game! 

Friendship Bracelet Club  Enjoy making your own bracelets?  Want to make bracelets for your friends? Bring your favorite colored string and ideas! Come have fun making bracelets together in this club.

Garden Club - Come join Mrs. Perez in planting and taking care of the vegetables, fruits, and flowers in the WSMS Garden. You will see the successes of your hard work pay off when the fruits and vegetables are utilized in the cafeteria and given to staff to enjoy! 

Gaming Club - Are you a fan of playing COD, Fortnite, Destiny, Rainbow 6, etc.?? Have a bunch of sweet clips saved?? Then join the gaming club! Before you join beware - THIS CLUB COMES WITH HOMEWORK!! Your homework is to play your favorite game, save your most beast mode clips and then CREATE your own compilation video to share with the club. Share the link to your video with Mr. Johnston and he will play it during club day for everyone to see. Don't know how to make a video? Ask Mr. Johnston and he will help you! No slackers allowed...If you join the gaming club you are expected to make a video to share :) (Club size limited).


Giant Club  Come enjoy board games in a whole new “Giant” way! Club members will enjoy Giant Jenga sets, Giant Checkerboard sets, and Giant Domino sets. Come enjoy games in a new, giant way! 

Guitar Club  Let’s Jam!  All musicians or interested musicians are welcome to join.  Guitar club will provide students with an opportunity to meet and perform with other guitarists and musicians, listen to live performances from professional musicians, and attend scheduled introductory guitar lessons.  Students will also be given opportunities to perform after school during organized performances.  You do not have to play guitar to join this club; all students are welcome to come and listen to the live music. Sponsored by Mr. Messer.

Jazz Club  For Band and Orchestra students who have an interest in learning how to play jazz and learn a little about its history. Students will learn to play jazz styles like swing, bebob, funk, and rock.  

Junior Thespian Society Troupe - Do you have a passion for Theatre, Improv, and Acting? At the end of the year, by watching plays, acting, and/or tech participation you might have enough points to actually join the Junior Thespian Society Troupe - join this club to find out more! 


K9 and Kritters Club  Do you LOVE animals?  All kinds of animals? This is the club for you!  You will have the opportunity to learn about all kinds of animals, pet and play with animals, and maybe bring your own furry friend to share with other students. At each club meeting a drawing will be held to determine who will get to bring their pets to the next meeting. 


Karaoke Club  For those of you that LOVE to sing, come join the karaoke club!  Bring any CD’s or favorite YouTube artists you have. 

Kickball Club Remember the good old days of kickball during Elementary Recess? Join the Kickball Club to relive the fun times of the game where baseball meets soccer! 


Lettering Club  The Lettering Club is a club for anyone who likes to play around with different types of lettering (calligraphy, bubble, etc.).  We will try all different types of lettering styles ~ please bring your pens, markers, colored pencils whatever you want and let's get lettering. 

Makey Makey Club  MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It's a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between. Additionally, students will be using coding games from Scratch, including ones that they make on their own in conjunction with the Makey-Makey devices. Come join this innovative and creative club! 

Music Club  Come listen to your favorite music and share your favorite albums with other students! All genre’s of music welcome! 

Nail Art Club  Do you love expressing yourself with a little bling on your fingers? Do you enjoy getting manicures and finding fun ways to paint your nails? Join the Nail Art club and bring your favorite nail polishes, nail accessories, and nail art ideas to share with other club members. 


No Bake Baking Club - Do you enjoy baking and eating baked goods? Come join the No Bake Baking Club to learn, create, and enjoy new recipes! You can these make these special treats for your friends and family! 

Pinterest Craft Club  Do you like baking? Crafting? Painting? DIY projects? Then this is the club for you. Each club day we will be completing a new craft or recipe. Members will be asked to bring in supplies depending on what craft we do for each club day. Club size very limited due to class size and supplies.

Pixar Movie Club  Come relax and enjoy the movie magic of Disney/Pixar's greatest hits! 

Remote Control/Drone Club   Are you a thrill seeker for things that go fast?  How about a friendly race…controlled by a remote? Bring your RC car on Club Days to race others!!

Running/Walking Club  Put your running shoes on and get ready to run! Whether you like long distance or short distance, this is the place for you! 

Sports Movie Club  If you “Remember the Titans”, "You Play Ball Like a Girl,” or "You Believe in Miracles", then this is the club for you. 


Summer Camp Club Let's reminisce about our summer camp experiences and relive some of the fun games we played.  Come enjoy campfire snacks and tell ghostly stories. Let’s count down the days to summer vacation!