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Tech Tools

Purdue On-Line Writing Lab - infographics
EasyBib - Citation Generator Recite - Quote/Poster Maker
Common Sense Media Canva - Graphic Design
App Lab - Coding PicMonkey - Photo Editing
Build With Chrome - Digital Lego Creations TuxPaint - Drawing & Photo Editing
VidCode - Coding Photos For Class - Copyright Free Images - Coding Pics4Learning - Copyright Free Images
Made With Code - Coding Library of Congress Digital Collections
Robo Boogie - Coding FlipSnack - Digital Flip Books
Storybird - Create Digital Picture Books Little Bird Tales - Create Digital Picture Books
Piktochart - Infographic Maker Thinglink - Interactive Presentation Tool
Emaze - Engaging Presentation Generator Cool Tools for Schools - Variety of Digital Classroom Tools
PowToon - Animated Presentation Tool Pixabay - Copyright Free Images