Willow SpringsMiddle School

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Pam Liebrum

I have been with Lovejoy ISD for over two years after having worked for Southwest Airlines 18+ years.  Those were extremely fun years because of the unique corporate culture.  When I retired from SWA in 2014 I never knew I would move to a school district and find customer service once again a priority.  Plus, a strong leadership team that helps me feel supported so I can make good decisions each and every day. Willow Springs has that same egalitarian attitude that Southwest promotes.  I am glad I still work in an atmosphere where others are treated with respect and everyone works and plays hard maintaining the perspective that the student will always come first.   


My husband and I raised three children of our own. Even though they have their own lives now, they have blessed us with three grandchildren we now get to entertain. All of our kids are the light of our life!


During my time here at WSMS I have grown to truly love middle school students.  They are independent, fun, inquisitive kids who possess a strong sense of fairness.  I am thankful we are blessed to provide a safe environment for them to learn and grow. 


Thank you to all the great staff here at Willow Springs who work hard every day for our middle school kids.  You are a team of dedicated individuals helping our students and me love where we learn.