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Club Day




Willow Springs Clubs

Fall 2017


CLUB RULES: Please look over the list below to decide which club you would like to join.  Students must commit to ONE club each semester.  Attendance will be taken each time we meet. Let’s go clubbing!


DIRECTIONS: Please review the list of clubs below. SELECT and REGISTER FOR 3 CLUBS. Make a note of which club you signed up for and its location.


Click HERE for Online Club Registration. Registration will open Wednesday, September 20th at 4:00 pm and then will close Sunday, September 24th at 8:00 pm.



80s and 90s Movie Club  Let’s throw back to the greatest decades ever! The 80s and 90s Movie Club will enjoy some of the best movies of the 80s and 90s. Sponsored by Mrs. Caton and Ms. Miller.

Location: C600



Badminton Club  Want to beat the heat and still run around and have fun? If you enjoy racket sports and want to try something different, join the badminton club. It's fun, relaxing and good exercise! Please sign up with a partner. Sponsored by Coach Burns, Coach Morris, and Coach Vanover.

Location: Main Gym



Batman Club The Caped Crusader is coming to a classroom near you! In this club we will watch episodes of Batman: The Animated Series or Batman Beyond. Sponsored by Coach Keeble. Location: C300



Book Club  Love to read and discuss the book with friends? Come join the Book Club and at the first meeting we will decide what exciting book to read! Sponsored by Ms. Lamb and Mrs. Youderian. Location: C100



Caring for Kids Club This is a community service club for 8th grade students interested in learning about our local homeless communities and how they affect children. Club members will have the opportunity of attending Vogel Alcove the day of our 8th grade community service day of learning. Sponsored by Coach Coonrod. Location: C607



Chess Club  If you love Chess or want to learn how to play – JOIN ME!  Together we will look for opportunities for more challenging competition and ways to increase your knowledge of the game. Sponsored by Coach Fuller. Location: Library



CIZE Dance Workout Club It's time to CIZE IT UP! Get ready to step up your dance game, trade in your everyday workout to dance it up. Join Mrs. Chapman, Ms. Ball, and Mrs. Gearhart for a solid 35min Dance workout with Shaun T. Location: Orchestra Room E101



Clash Royale Come and join the newest Clash Royale clan on campus. Mr. Johnston will create a clan to join for club days in order to have friendly battles. Mr. Johnston will also host a private tournament for the clan on the final club day!  Location: C101



Coloring Club Did you know that coloring is really relaxing and fun to do while you talk with your friends? Come to the COLORING CLUB - bring your own markers, pencils, or crayons, and we will provide the seasonal or themed coloring pages! Sponsored by Mrs. Heid, Mrs. Rogers, and Mrs. Herring.

Location: C604/C605



Cooking Club Cooking Club members will create and get to enjoy the results of delicious recipes. Sponsored by Mrs. Bensley and Mrs. May. Location: B106



Cursive Writing Club Do you want to perfect your signature? Do you want to be able to write in cursive? We will teach you! Join Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Van for this fun club! Location: C303



Drawing Club  Come be part of the drawing club. We will learn to draw and create different characters and objects using a step-by-step approach, or you can choose to have free draw time to be creative. Drawing paper, pencils, colored pencils, and markers will be available for you to use. Sponsored by Mrs. Smotherman and Mrs. Hale. Location: CAT



EXTREME Club Skateboarders, Roller Bladers, BMX, Dirt and Mountain Bikers will meet and discuss the latest tricks and courses. We will spend time viewing the latest trends in Extreme Sports.  A HELMET IS REQUIRED (You will not be able to participate without one!) AND YOU MUST BRING EQUIPMENT TO PARTICIPATE! Sponsored by Mrs. Novicke and Mrs. Bellows. Location: Courtyard


Feline Club The Feline Club will learn more about the different types of cat breeds, hear from some rescue organizations, and possibly get to love on furry feline friends. Sponsored by Mrs. Smith Location: C206


Film Appreciation Club  What is your favorite movie? Who are your favorite actors and actresses? Do you like comedies, dramas, action, or thrillers? The Film Appreciation Club will enjoy, discuss, and dissect outstanding examples of cinema! Sponsored by Dr. Rodgers. Location: C102


Fishing Club  Do you enjoy fishing? If so, come join the LHS Fishing Team and other WSMS students to talk about bait, lures, casting, tips, tricks, and types of fish in the area! Sponsored by Location: C302


Guitar Club  Let’s Jam!  All musicians or interested musicians are welcome to join.  Guitar club will provide students with an opportunity to meet and perform with other guitarists and musicians, listen to live performances from professional musicians, and attend scheduled introductory guitar lessons.  Students will also be given opportunities to perform after school during organized performances.  You do not have to play guitar to join this club, all students are welcome to come and listen to the live music. Sponsored by Mr. Messer.

Location: E102 Ensemble Room


Hands for Hope  Did you know that there are more than 3,000 homeless students in our area of Allen, Lucas, Fairview, McKinney residing in Collin County? Look around you with all the wonderful things you and your friends have… beyond the nice clothes, nice houses, iPods and iTunes and more….Somewhere, even in your own classroom someone could be hurting and not showing it.  Come to Hands for Hope club where you can Choose to Matter, to help heal the hurt, solve problems in our area and take action, working with other students and other area agencies to give hope. Sponsored by Ms. Sanders and Mrs. Snodgrass

Location: C505


K9 and Kritters Club  Do you LOVE animals?  All kinds of animals?  This is the club for you!  You will have the opportunity to learn about all kinds of animals, pet and play with animals, and maybe bring your own furry friend to share with other students. At each club meeting a drawing will be held to determine who will get to bring their pets to the next meeting. Sponsored by Mr. Abney and Mrs. Abbott Location: C700 and C702


Karaoke Club  For those of you that LOVE to sing, come join the karaoke club!  Bring any CD’s you have. Sponsored by Ms. McDonald. Location: Choir Room E103


Kickball Club Remember the good old days of kickball during Elementary Recess? Join Coach Denton and Coach Higgins in the Kickball Club to relive the fun times of the game where baseball meets soccer! Location: Auxiliary Gym


Lettering Club  The Lettering Club is a club for anyone who likes to play around with different types of lettering (calligraphy, bubble, etc.).  We will try all different types of lettering styles ~ please bring your pens, markers, colored pencils whatever you want and let's get lettering. Sponsored by Mrs. Carraway. Location: C409



Magic Trick Club  In the Magic Trick Club you will learn how to amaze friends and family with great card magic tricks! Sponsored by Coach Osborne. Location: C301



Makey Makey Club  MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It's a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between. Sponsored by Mr. Hunter and Mrs. Devalla. Location: C103



Marine Science Club  Did you know Texas has the fifth largest coastline in the US? Scuba or not, dive into ocean fun facts, identify shells, talk sharks and other elusive oceanic creatures and then some... Sponsored by Mrs. Hunter. Location: C500



Pinterest Craft Club  Do you like baking? Crafting? Painting? DIY projects? Then this is the club for you. Each club day we will be completing a new craft or recipe. Members will be asked to bring in supplies depending on what craft we do for each club day. Sponsored by Ms. Moore, Mrs. Merrick, and Mrs. Lowry. Location: C200



Pixar Movie Club  Come relax and enjoy the movie magic of Disney/Pixar's greatest hits! Sponsored by Mr. Crocker. Location: C602



Remote Control Club   Are you a thrill seeker for things that go fast?  How about a friendly race…controlled by a remote? Sponsored by Mr. Locke. Location: Tennis Courts



Sports Movie Club  If you “Remember the Titans”, "You Play Ball Like a Girl,” or "You Believe in Miracles", then this is the club for you. Sponsored by Coach Quinton. Location: C410



Studio Crew Club Students who are interested in setting up art shows and creating marketing materials for gallery spaces (ex: posters, name tags, hanging/displaying art, art, framing, gallery signage and design). Sponsored by Ms. Slaver. Location: C400



Theatre Games Club In this club students will lead Improv games. Active participation and laughing is required! Sponsored by Mrs. DiPasquale. Location: Theatre Room E100



Ultimate Frisbee Club This is a fun and exciting no contact sport that places the responsibility for fair play on the players rather than referees. Ultimate combines the non-stop movement and endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football. The object of the game is to score by catching a pass of the Frisbee in the opponent’s end zone. Are you in the game? Sponsored by Mr. Calderon. Location: Football Field



Yarn Club  Do you love hats?  Scarves?  All things cozy and soft?  Join the Yarn Club!  We will learn how to make simple crochet and knit items and yarn crafts.  Come be creative! Sponsored by Ms. Bordelon. Location: C407



Yoga and Relaxation Club  Need some downtime? Come learn how to unwind and relax, to help you rejuvenate the body and mind. Sponsored by Ms. Elias and Mrs. Vizcaino. Location: C305



Yoga in the Garden Club We will work on the garden, and then enjoy being present in the garden by doing some beginners Yoga. Sponsored by Mrs. Perez. Location: C502